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Skin Care Products


Cosmebien® launched skin care, hair care products.

Keep youthfulness.

Keeping up with years depends on taking care of ourself. Besides stress, weather, sun influence our skin, hair and hands and feet. Feeling confident and looking plus being  healthy makes us use cosmetics. We all have different type of skin and hair. To able to find correct products we need to know our skin well. Cosmebien® produced some products for some needs we have. We continue to research and development to have best effective products continuesly. Science is never ends. Follow us for new improvements and new products.















Some statistics about cosmetics:
•%52 women has mixed skin, %31 dry skin, %16 oily skin
•Most city women take care hand care
•Secondly legs, elbow, face, knee.
•Use moisturizing cream after bath %52 women 2 times daily consume mousturizing cream .
The ladies %98 use cosmetic products. The face of cosmetic products (67.5%), and hand areas (67.5%) is applied, the most widely used in cosmetic products, hand cream (80%), facial moisturizer (76.3%), respectively. Choice of cosmetic products,  respectively, make their
own decisions (78.1%), a friend's recommendation (20%), beauty specialists
(14.4%) and dermatology specialists (11.9%) and the views were taken into
account. Ladies are up to date, 25 (15.6%) were faced with adverse effects
related to cosmetic products. Most common side effects erythema and (36%), allergic
reaction (16%) have been reported.