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Cosmebien® Underarm Whitening Cream

Product Code: 260302

Dark color under arms can be significant problem for many women. That is why They can not wear sleeveless dresses. There were too many reason for this problem such as sweating, dead skin cells, skin friction and also shaving.

APPLICATION; Two times daily use the product under your arms as neat and thin application after the shower. It can be used to genital area safely.

INGREDIENTS :Dem.Water, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate,  Isostearyl Neopentanoate,  Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol,  Triethanolamine, Ethylhexylmethoxy cinnamate, Titaniumdiokside,  Triclosan, 1-Methylhydantoine-2-imide,  Arbutin, Vitamin E.

50 ml

Cosmebien® Dark Eye Area Relieving Cream

Product Code: 260303

Eye Contour Blackness is difficult to cover with makeup, The biggest reason for this situation is that there is less blood circulation around the eyes. APPLICATION; Twice a day, morning and evening, apply a thin layer of eye contour area. The efficiency term can be vary to skin to skin. Tests shows the effects of 28 days to 56 days in trials.

INGREDIENTS: Dem.Water, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate,  Isostearyl Neopentanoate,  Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, SodiumLactate, SodiumPCA, Glycine, Fructose, Urea, Niacinamide, Inositol, SodiumBenzoate, LacticAcid,  Extracts of  fennel, hops, camomile, balmmint, mistletoe and yarrow, Glycerin, HesperidinMethylChalcone, Steareth-20 -Dipeptide-2, PalmitoylTetrapeptide-3,  Chrysin, Hydroxysuccinimide,  PalmitoylOligopeptide.

50 ml

 Cosmebien® Anti Puff Eye Area Cream

Product Code: 260304

The eye bags shows the skin tired and covering the area with make up is difficult. This cream contain some peptides from a manufacturer in Switzerland. The clinical trials shows in 56 days it fixes eye bags .  

INGREDIENTS: Actives:  Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone- Dipeptide-2 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Vitamin E.

15 ml

Cosmebien ® Refresing and Protective Foot Spray :

Product Code:260305

Fixes bad odor, saves your feet cool, stop sweating, prevent and  protect your feet against the growth of bacteria.

WARNING: This product is a cosmetic product, not a medicine. The used raw materials helps to stop unwanted odor, perspiration, athlete’s foot. Daily use, this has the effect of blocking the formation of ailments and/or retardant.

APPLICATION; Every morning and evening spray to  the feet  and between your toes.

INGREDIENTS: Dem.Water, Ethylalcohol, Betain salicylate, Triclosan, CIT/MIT, Allantoin, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Citric Acid, Glycerine, Extracts of  fennel, hops, camomile, balmmint, mistletoe and yarrow

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Cooling-Refresing Body Mist

Product Code: 260306


The product can be applied to all the body. During the day, your body will prevent bad smells and sweeting. In hot weather it will give cooling effect and refresing to your body. Especially it has been formulated for those has heavy body odor complaints.

- Apply the product to your body away 5-10 cm by spraying.

-Due to the PH 5,5 it will not give any burning sensation on your body.

 -Due to Vitamine E nourishing your skin.

INGREDIENTS . Dem.Water,SD Alcohol,PEG40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, MPG, Cyclomethicone, Perfume,BHT,Mentol,Triclosan,Vitamin E.

50 ml

Cosmebien ®  Anti Hair Loss Lotion :

Product Code:260318

Hair loss facts

Telogen effluvium – general shedding from all over the head. We typically lose some 100 hairs a day but sometimes shedding accelerates due to stress, illness, medication or hormones. Hair generally grows back within six months.

Androgenetic alopecia – in women, hair generally thins in the top, frontal area, just behind the hair line, but stays thick at the back. An enzyme causes conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone to another hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), causing the hair follicles to produce thinner hair until they stop.

Alopecia areata – an autoimmune disease that affects up to 2% of the population. It causes round patches of hair loss and can lead to total baldness. In many cases, the hair regrows.

We have developed a new product for you.  In a short time you will see your hair started to come again. Hair loss can be a symptom of a disease. For this reason, please note that switching to a doctor control. This product will feed your hair with stronger hair bottoms. Usage; We recommend that you applied before your shower in the evening once a day hair and hair dips.

After the application you can wash. In 60 days you will see the efficiency. It wont be problem to leave the product on the hair. You can use it as hair styling.

100 ml

INGREDIENTS: Ethylalcohol, Dem Water, Cyclomethicone, Acrylates Copolymer, Sulfur, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Vitamin F,Biotin, Inositol, Horse Chesnut Extract, Pantothenate, Retinyl Palmitate, Polysorbate 20, Extracts of  fennel, hops, camomile, balm mint, mistletoe, sophora root extract and yarrow., aminoacid complex.

 Cosmebien ® Mimic Wrinkle  Cream

Product Code: 260307

Especially  who has mimics,  dimples,  some wrinkles occurs on cheeks and eyes edges. This has nothing to do with skin aging wrinkles. In the same direction by the movement of the skin, deep wrinkles on the skin occurs. This product helps to reduce this sort of wrinkles.

Actives:  Acetyl Hexapeptide-30,  Arginine,  Caprylyl Glycol

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Antistrech Marks Cream

 Product Code: 260308

Gaining and losing weight , giving birth or post-natal result loses skin elasticity and result with cracks on the skin. Removing stretch marks is possible with this cream. Every day is used after the bath. About 60 days the development is seen.

Actives:  Lecithin,Acetyl Tripeptide-30 Citrullin, pentapeptide 18, Pseudoalteromonos ferment extract.

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Selulite Cream

Product Code: 260309

Especially the legs and buttocks with a layer of fat that accumulates under the skin that occurs in the form of orange-peel skin, cellulite appearance. This product acts on the active layer of fat under the skin, improves blood circulation, and also performs  gradually thinning.

Actives: Lecithin, Butcherbroom (Ruscus Aculeatus)Root Extract, malto dextrin, Tea_Hydroiodine Ivy (Hedera helix)Extract Carnitine, Escin, Tripeptide-1, Carragenan

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Whitening Cream

Product Code: 260310

It is  used to eliminate stains ard dark color spots in the skin like freckles, birthmarks, age spots, and spots caused by liver disorders. Gives skin its natural color. Function under the skin of melanin that gives color to the skin . The product makes  works  melanin  to deliver natural color of the skin. If spots are too many and surrounded on the area applicate the cream all area. If the spots are big and couple of in this case use the product only on top of the spots.

APPLICATION: Two times daily bases apply .

INGREDIENT:Dem.Water, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate,  Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Carbomer,Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, EthylmethoxycinnamateTitaniumdiokside, Triclosan,             1-Methylhydantoine-2-imide, Arbutin,Vitamin E

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Antiwrinkle Cream

Product Code: 260311

This formula for wrinkle reducing and having younger skin. Includes peptides and hyaluranic acid to enhance moisture the skin.

USAGE; Twice a daily application in two months the effection will be seen.

INGREDIENTS: Phenyl trimethicone, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-2-isostearate, Hexyl Laurate, Cetyl Dimethicone,Beeswax, CocoButter, Isopropyl Palmitate ,Phenoxyethanol,  Methylparaben,  Ethylparaben,  Propylparaben,  Butylparaben, İsobutylparaben,Vitamin E, Bis-Phenylpropyl Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Dem. Water, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chlorid, Sodium Lactate; Sodium PCA; Glycine; Fructose; Urea;Niacinamide; Inositol; Sodium Benzoate; Lactic Acid,  Extracts of fennel,  hops, camomile,balm mint,mistletoe and yarrow, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Glycerine,Yılan zehirinden elde edilen tripeptide, Chrysin, Hydroxysuccinimide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide,Palmitoyltetrapeptide-3

50 ml

Cosmebien ® Mineral Eyeshadow

Product Code: 260312

Various colors of powder eye shadow longlasting  that applies easily. Applicable wet and dry. You can apply also over eyebrown pencils to fix and get different color shades.

5 ml

Cosmebien ® Maxi Lip Volumizer Balm

Product Code: 260313

Strawberry flavored pink color  products.  It does not give  coverage on lips. Should be applied 3 times a day. In 30 days period  lips will be volumized.

INGREDIENTS:  Beeswax, Candelila wax, Carnauba wax, Mineral Oil, Polybutene, Shea Butter, CI 77499, CI 77891, CI 77019, CI 15880:1,CI 16035, CI 15850, BHT, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Vitamin E, Tribehenin,Sorbitan Isostearate,Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, EthylHexyl Glyerine, Phenoxyethanol. 

5 ml